Canon 60D Tutorial

In Thursday’s workshop we had a Canon 60D tutorial and here are some notes I made during the session.

Before you start shooting

-Reset                                                                         -Format the SD Card                                                           -Set picture setting to RAW

Things that control the brightness

  • Shutter speed (1/50)- length of time shutter is open. Shutter speed also changes how blurred or your sharp the image is in motion.
  • Aperture (4-22)- function of the lens. The iris in the lens opens and shuts and it is measured in f stops. Changing the aperture changes the depth of field as well as the amount of light going in.
  • ISO changes the sensitivity of the image sensor. When shooting outside ISO should be lower that 150 and indoors it should be higher than 150. The ISO should be  set as low as possible and change around the other two functions. If the image is still too dark then you can change the ISO. Should not be higher than 800!

What is a Raw image?

Raw image is unprocessed- much more information and metadata. It can be manipulated more and it is bigger than a JPEG image. When exporting a RAW image: JPEG is for websites and TIFF is for print.

Creating a contact sheet using Photoshop from Adobe Bridge CC: File – Automate – Contact Sheet II

Even though I won’t be using the Canon 60D for my project this year and using a Nikon D3200 instead, I found this workshop to be really useful and informative as it will still help me when I am using  my own camera.


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