Thinking about Form and Content

Form refers to technique, style and the media that is used. Content refers to what is being depicted the intended and the perceived message.

The divide between form and content is an artificial and conditional one- One has impact on the other.

Content of digital media is re-purposed all the time which makes the separation of form and content ubiquitous

Content is often re-purposed without thought about how it might differ when represented in a different form.

Marshall McLuhan- We are formed by the form of media rather than the content

What can form do? Create a dramatic impact- with the way it is filmed.

Susan Sontag suggests that content comes first.  A work of art always says something, there is always a message and a meaning to it. Today we have the task of defending art are always justifying it, therefore the idea of content is a hindrance/nuisance.

How far/extreme would you re-purpose your project?


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Sontag, Susan. Against interpretation: and other essays. Macmillan, 1966.



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