Depth of Field Experiment

In  last Tuesday’s session we were experimenting with depth of field using a Nikon D80. Originally we were supposed to be experimenting with the depth of field with video, but you can’t record on the Nikon D80. The photographs that I took in class did not really come out that well. Most of them were too dark or too bright and on s0me of them you could’t really see the difference in the depth of field between the two objects I was photographing. I later found out from Rod that the best way is to set the ISO to 100, the aperture to its lowest and change around the shutter speed. I decided to go home and experiment with my own camera. Even though on my camera I can record video on it, I decided to experiment with photograph instead because I want to do a photography project, therefore I thought it would be more useful to do that instead of video. Below are examples that show the process of my experiment using two bottles:

I started by trying to create a shallow depth of field in the background and get the green water bottle in focus. This picture is an example of the ones that came out badly. It is really overexposed but you can see the detail ridges on the green bottle, but the bottle in the back ground is not as out of focus as I wanted it to be

3                                                                                             Aperture: f/3.5                Shutter Speed: 1

I decided to play around with the aperture to see if would make the image a little bit darker and make the background out of focus. I managed to get the shallow depth field I wanted in the background however my foreground is also out of focus. Also following Rod’s advice I decided to keep the aperture at its lowest in the hopes of getting the picture I wanted.

4                                                                                                    Aperture: f/3.5                   Shutter speed: 0.62

This picture I think I managed to get the green bottle in focus and the other one out of focus. I tried to get the detail into focus. I found that this was a really hard picture to take because it was important that I get the detail of the bottle to show. I had to turn the brightness up in post production because the picture was a little bit too under exposed. Some of the detail due to the fact that I had to export it into a JPEG image. I would still probably turn the brightness up a little bit more though, but I am pleased with how this picture came out.

1                                                                                              Aperture: f/3.5                          Shutter Speed: 1/10

In this picture I was trying to get both of the bottles in focus. It took a lot of tries to get this picture, but this is probably the best out the ones that I took. I think the reason why I found this hard was because I was trying to get all of the writing on the second bottle in focus. After  a few goes, I realized that I am probably not going to get the smaller writing focus, which is why I think that this one was the best. I also decide to play around with the aperture to see if it would help with what I set out to achieve

2                                                                                              Aperture: f/11                              Shutter Speed: 0.62




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