I found an article about a creative director and photpgrapher called Dan Rubin who created the idea of the #phonie after he was challenged by HTC to use the HTC One Mini 2 to come up with a creative new twist on the selfie culture. He went around London and took portraits of people to portray people into who they really want to be by using pictures of celebrities who love taking selfies such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. Dan says

“Selfies have become ingrained in popular culture so I started thinking about images that could take the humble selfie to a different level. I liked the idea of using a few celebrities known for shooting selfies and merging them with street photography-style portrait shots.”

Below are some pictures he took

I think that this idea and the photographs he took are really interesting because it is a unique take on a selfie. Looking at these pictures I have started thinking about how we represent ourselves online  and how to make ourselves and our lives appear better online. According to a study by DeWall et al (2011) narcissists drew attention to themselves by posting a self promoting and sexy pictures of themselves on the social networking website Facebook. They regulate themselves in online communities in a way that draws attention to themselves.

On social media today there are selfie trends such as the bikini selfie, sexy selfie and after sex selfie, these are ways people are posting these self promoting selfies. Functions on social networking sites such as the ‘like’ button could inflate people’s egos, leading them to have the desire to post more pictures in this manner beacause it gets them attention and more likes.


Nathan DeWall, C., Buffardi, L.E., Bonser, I. & Keith Campbell, W. 2011, “Narcissism and implicit attention seeking: Evidence from linguistic analyses of social networking and online presentation”, Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 51, no. 1, pp. 57-62.

McKenna, E. (2014). [PICS] #Phonie viral pictures are the new selfies on a HTC One Mini 2. [online] EVOKE.ie. Available at: http://www.evoke.ie/now/phonie-viral-pictures-of-stars-on-htc-one-mini-2/#/ [Accessed 14 Oct. 2014].

Viral Buzz Content, (2014). Photographer Dan Rubin Makes Fun of Celebrity Selfie Culture With His “Phonies” Photo Series. [online] Available at: http://www.viralbuzzcontent.com/photographer-dan-rubin-makes-fun-of-celebrity-selfie-culture-with-his-phonies-photo-series/ [Accessed 14 Oct. 2014].


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