Selfies Gone wrong

In attempt to have a close look into the extent we have become obsessed with social media I found a few articles and pictures which illustrated that some poeple  have taken this selfie trend too far..

This article is about a student who drowned whilst trying to take a selfie at the beach with some friends. They were about to take a group selfie when a big wave hit them student was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. This is a very tragic story and there are many other horrific stories about people who have died whilst trying to take a picture of themselves. Examples include the man accidentally shot himself whilst attempting to pose for a gun selfie. It is just crazy to think that a selfie has led to tragic things happening to people.

Selfie Trends

I have also discovered one the most ridiculous selfie trends that I have ever come across. That is divorce selfie. A couple in Florida took a divorce selfie and posted it to Instagram and it went viral. Fortunately everyone else hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon.. yet.

Another selfie trend that I have found, that should never exist is the funeral selfie. Even Obama has taken one.. well kind of. Below are example of these funeral selfies. Judge away…

I thought this article with a list of 15 selfies taken at wildly innaproppriate times, would help me come up with some final ideas. It is also an example of how crazy human beings can be sometimes!

I will end this post with this video of a girl who is having a solo photo shoot in a quest to get the perfect selfie. If you have ever taken a selfie then you know that you can’t just take one, you take several of them, so you have options… I think. We have this need to show the best side of ourselves when we are online, which is possibly why we take more than one selfie but end up only posting one of them. We all want a perfect selfie, but that’s why there is Instagram now. Right?  I do think this girl does take it a little bit too far, but it show how self obssessed we have become.


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