The Funeral

For this photograph I am planning on staging a funeral. I am going to achieve this by having a few people dressed in black standing around an old church near some graves. One of them in the group will be taking a selfie whilst everyone else is upset and mournful. I have found a location that I was planning on this photograph is an abandoned church in Kingswood. As part of my contingency plan other locations I could use are Redland park, The Clifton Downs or Page Park in Staple Hill. The reason why I had thought of using a park is because I think that when I have the people at the location it can look like there is a funeral going. Especially parts of Page Park e.g. the entrance could look like a cemetery. I am not going to have a coffin because its impossible to get one and I feel like it would it still work without it. I was thinking about having about 5-6 people excluding the person taking the selfie. The props that will be needed for this will be some flowers, tissues and a mobile phone.

Below is a sketch I did of what I want the picture to be like


I also created a moodboard

Funeral Moodboard


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