Over Sharing

I found this interview of Kim Kardashian at a tech conference. I was only planning on watching 5 minutes of this but I found myself watching all of it. In the interview she talks about her sharing her life to the rest of the world on social networking apps/website and how they have been important to her career. What they discuss in the interview made me think of the ideas raised by Andrew Keen in Digital Vertigo about the constant sharing we do on social media. Kim is notorious for her constant posts of selfies and sharing her life on Instagram, at the beginning of the interview Kara Swisher the even describes her and her family as “the ultimate oversharers” and suggests that she would get a gold medal at the sharing Olympics. I thought this video would be interesting to find out why she share her everyday life on social media, as well as how she has utilized to make an big name for herself.

An interesting question that was raised was “Is there too much sharing?”. Her view on it is that there are limits to it and there have to be boundaries when you share your life online. Her boundaries include not sharing too much about her relationship and her daughter. I think we do share too much on social media and I think we forget that this information is being viewed by millions of people (unless if you have strict privacy settings on your profiles). We also forget that what goes on the internet stays there forever. I guess some people would justify their over sharing as a therapy session, they share their dirty laundry/ horrible moments in their lives and some people in the online community help them cope and support them. For example a few days after being kidnapped and rescued a girl went to the social networking site Ask FM and answered questions from the public about her ordeal (and also posted a selfie). This story sounds a bit crazy to me considering what she went through was traumatic (the kidnapper killed her mother and brother) and the last thing that most people would want to do is to go straight to social media. Therefore I also agree with Kim when she says there needs to be boundaries. But I also think this is hard to do. One of the reasons for this I think could be because of reality TV shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and TOWIE where we see people sharing intimate details of their lives. it has made it more acceptable for us to do the same, especially because we see them gaining fame from doing this.

She also talks about her selfie rules and she says “I have a three image rule, if it’s like in the same setting, I try not to do more than three, if it kinda looks the same, cause like that’s just overkill” I  think it is fascinating that when we share pictures and information online, most of the time it seem very spur of the moment, but in reality most of the time we put a lot of thought and over think what we share and how we share.


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