New Term, New Project

I have been trying to come with a new project and I have been finding it quite difficult to come up with an overall theme. I have started thinking about techniques that I could potentially use and how I would like present my project

I recently came across the works of a photographer called Alvin Langdon Coburn who experimented and created abstract photography using three mirrors clamped together and fitted onto a lens. These are known as vortographs. I think this would be interesting and challenging technique to explore as I have no idea how/ where to even to start with it!. But I guess this is where the research would be useful. If decide to go down this route the areas of research that I would probably start looking at would be: Vorticism, Pictorialism, Cubism, and other photographers that this technique or a similar one.

Example of a vortograph

I have also been considering doing a video project. If I did a video I would probably like to explore the 3D camera shift technique like in the video below.


Project that shows that every aspect of human life e.g identity, feelings, materialistic things will all eventually be erased by death. This is kind of similar to one of the initial project ideas that I had last year.

Also looking some the ideas that I came up with last year I quite like the idea of perfection and desires.

I will keep on brainstorming and look more into some of things that I have mentioned in this post. Hopefully it will help me come up with more ideas.


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