Kawahara Kazuhiko

By making it symmetrical I confront the natural with the mechanical, the artificial. Architecture in itself is made entirely by people to be used and controlled by people. It is artificial. However, when people come and gather, it becomes like a city, a living organism and the situation transforms into something more natural. My works contain both those artificial and natural components. I’m attracted by the dynamism of the change from a simple form to a complicated organism.

Kawahara Kazuhiko, 2007

Kawahara Kazuhiko aka Palla is a Japanese photographer and architect who creates images out of landscapes and infrastructure. He does this by digitally manipulating the images to morph and transform buildings. The aim of his work is to reveal hidden structures and systems. I chose to look at this photographer because his work resembles kaleidoscopes and in a way looks like a modern version of vorticist photography and art.

Whilst looking around his websites I came across a slide/lecture which details his process and ideas. Below are some notes on the areas that I found interesting

He uses mirror images of one photograph.The space in the images can’t exist in the real world but can be perceived as real space. It is on the edge of virtual and real. Another technique he uses is overlapping multiple images rotated at constant angles. Through this kind of work he says he unconsciously traced that religious iconographies in the world are generated through mathematical manipulations.

Our common scene can be transformed into a grotesque on. “The action of taking a photograph means to draw an outline of the object on my interface. In other words, I divide the optical area into the light and shadow, but an ill defined zone as out of assertion remains any time”

“On the process to create the image it is impossible to release the shutter predictions of completed images. So in general it seems I have created the artwork without my transcendental visual image. It transforms in the contradiction between personal creativity and the autonomous process. Thus I have asserted to recognise as an artwork when I look at transforming an image”







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