Project Proposal

One line proposal

I will  creating abstract images inspired by the vorticist movement to show a different perspective on the urban environment and how we see it. The things I will be adopting from the vorticist movement are the geometric style


Detailed Proposal

For my project this semester I will be creating some abstract images in a similar style to a movement of art in the early 1900s called Vorticism. The aim of vorticism was to create art which expressed the dynamism of the modern world. It was partially influenced by Cubism and bears resemblance to Futurism. Vorticist art is characterised by bold geometric lines and harsh colours. The main influence for my project comes from the only photographer in the group Alvin Langdon Coburn. He created a prism out of three mirrors and took photographs through them. This created visually interesting fragmented images. He has been credited as the first photographer to consciously create abstract photographs. For my project I would like to adopt this style of fragmentation, symmetry and geometric lines to take photographs which explore my urban environment. I will be taking pictures of things in the urban area this may include buildings, transport etc. I am planning on editing my images in Photoshop to achieve the look and style I want.


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