These are the photos I took yesterday I edited them using Photoshop and Pixlr

Edit1This picture is of a stair case, the inspiration came from Luigi Ruslo’s painting The Revolt. Originally I wanted to make this a mirrored image in the style of Simon Gardiner, but when I started playing around with layering I liked this look better.

Edit 2This is a picture of a corridor ceiling. I also used Pixlr to edit this picture. I really liked some of the kaleidoscope style picture from previous photographers that I have been looking so  I wanted to try and create something similar.  I really like the idea of making the obscure and unrecognisable. This may be the style and idea I might go for with my final images.

Edit 3bThis was taken in the same place as the second picture just at a different angle. This one was inspired by Simon Gardiner’s work. This little experiment was really useful because it has got me to start thinking about the style of my photographs. I like the way that all of them turned out, so I think it’s going to be hard to pick a style. I didn’t really face any major challenges during this editing process, so hopefully I will have the same luck when I am working on my final images.



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