Today I decided to experiment with taking my Vorticist inspired pictures in a similar style as Alvin Langdon Coburn did. I started of by using some CDs… That didn’t go so well and I wasn’t really impressed with how they came out. Below are some of the pictures from that experiment

After that I decided to take some photos through a glass, these came out a lot better and I am actually quite happy with them. In some of them I tried to take pictures of my mother, because I really liked the way the portraits that Coburn took of Ezra Pound looked (I have included one of the vortographs I am referring to in the gallery below). I think I am proud of these ones the most.

I had to do a lot of cropping to all of these photos, but apart from that I have not edited them. In most of them I don’t really feel the need to, but others I may need to play around with the colour and the brightness. If I was going to use this process to take my photos I would need to break the glass to make it smaller and easier to hold over the lens, because some of the photos came out great but my fingers would be in the way. I am hoping to experiment with objects, my production partner (Charli) has been helping me come up with other things I could use.


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