Meeting and Planning

Yesterday I met up with my production partner to discuss our projects, where we are at the moment and our next steps. From the experiments that I have done so far I am almost certain that I want to edit my pictures post production because I feel like it gives me more control over the finished look of my pictures. The next step for me is come up with a list of locations for my photographs and get out there and start taking pictures.

Charli will be doing her project in Chippenham using a pinhole camera and I think she has decided to also edit her photos using photoshop to make them look like they were taken during the Victorian period. She also told me that she plans to present it in like a book/album style. I think this is an interesting way to present her photographs and really emphasises the point that the subjects in her photographs are on display. This has kind off made me start to think about how I am going to present my photos, whether to print them or present them online, put them into a video. I don’t know… Maybe I will take my pictures first


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