Location, Location, Location


I was walking around town today and I saw some places that would be great to take pictures of. Some of these places include Colston Hall because its got a very modern and contemporary look to it. I have also considered of taking pictures of the inside because I could do some interesting edits to. I also want to take a picture of this location because of the history of the place is quite interesting. I would also like to take pictures of the Hippodrome, the Millennium Square, Mshed, Clifton Suspension bridge, the City museum, Pero’s bridge, Bristol Old Vic, Castle Park, Bearpit, Cabot Circus, Union Street, Ashton Court, Christmas Steps, Nelson Street, St John’s Church.

The reason why I have chosen most of these places is because they are well known places in Bristol and are part of the history and culture of the city. They’re also interesting I think because of how they have changed over time in order to fit in with the modern society and changes in the city. I am planning to do some research into some of these places to find out more about the history and how/why these places have changed overtime. I am going to take some of my pictures on Tuesday.


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