First Photoshoot

Yesterday I went on a little adventure around Bristol and took some photos. It went much better than I initially expected because at first I was really nervous about walking around taking pictures and getting strange looks I might get. But it actually wasn’t that bad. I managed to take A LOT of pictures I didn’t realise how much I had taken until today when I imported them onto my laptop. Better to have a lot more than less I guess. Some of them I really like and they came out well. Some places I am obviously going to revisit to get better pictures and different angles. I didn’t get a lot of pictures of Cabot Circus cause by the time I got there I was super tired so I thought I’d better save those for another day. Fortunately I didn’t face many challenges yesterday. From doing this shoot I started notice little details, buildings that I had never noticed were there before in places I walk past on a regular basis. Some of the photos that I took will be uploaded shortly after I have converted them into JPEGs. The next step for me is to review the pictures I have and set up another day to visit and re-visit the locations I didn’t get to yesterday.


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