More edits

I have done some more editing this week. Its going well-ish. I have decided to go with the style of layering the images to create patterns. Below are the pictures I have been working on. Some I’m liking more than others. I have found it a bit challenging coming up with  different pattern/idea for each picture because I don’t want all of them to look the same. I am planning to go out and take some pictures of Nelson street and Bearpit tomorrow then I think I will be done with taking photos. I have been speaking to Charli about her project and she says that she needs to take more photos as well and she is planning on doing hers this week. She has discussed with me about how she is going to present her photos, this has prompted me to start thinking about how I am going to present mine. I don’t think/don’t know if I want to print them or present them online…


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