As mentioned in the previous post, I have edited a few more photos. I have decided to post all of the pictures that I have edited just to see whether they all look like they have the same theme and they look like they are part of one project. The last few photos that I have edited I have noticed that they look more abstract than some of the others that I have done. When I started this project I had the intention of making some of the photos look more ambiguous than others, but when I started editing I didn’t really have a clear plan on which photos they were going to be. I noticed that I would start out with a plan or an image in mind of what I  want the final image to look like, but as I kept on layering  and editing a photo it would turn into something completely different to what I had imagined. So now, especially with the last few pictures I would just come up with the starting point and just seeing where the process will take me. Below are the images that I have created. The first three photos are the ones that I have been working on recently.


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