Edward Wadsworth

Edward Wadsworth was an English painter who was one of the artist in the vorticist movement. He raised in an industrial environment and he had an interest with the machine, which was shown through some of his work. He was also interested in the new vision of the world opened up by air travel. Most of his work during the vorticist movement has been lost, but from the woodcuts from his extended series show he often looked down on northern industrial centres from far above.






#GraveyardSelfie Rough Edit

So far with this picture I have tried to make them a similar tone and colour so that they blend well. I think that on most of my pictures I need to make them merge well together that’s the only thing that I am finding a bit challenging so far during this editing process.Grave Test 1

Updated Edit 09/12/2014

I have decided to change the hashtags to make the self itself more inappropriate.


#BoredSelfie Rough Edit

Here is what I have done so far with this picture. I know that the guy’s face is a little bit blurry in the first  picture but I like it because the selfie give you a more focused image of the subject. The problem I’m having this one is bringing the brightness and some colour to the photos without losing any of focus on what’s on the laptop.

Bed Test 1

Updated Edit 09/12/14

I have attempted to get the image on the laptop much brighter and clearer. I have also changed the main picture to one that is in focus.


Rough edit

I have started editing the kitchen picture. So far I have just done a rough edit to see what its going to look like. I did one with a snapchat caption and one without to see which one looks better. I have been thinking that if I carry on using the captions on the selfie I will probably make them all into hashtags for example #workselfie for the photo with the nurse or #CookingDinner4Bae for this kitchen picture. I was thinking about doing this because of the idea hashtagging is kind of related to the selfie and obsessive sharing. When people share their pictures online they will use hashtags to categorise their posts and by using popular hashtags the more people that view your picture which= more likes/followers= more popularity

KitTest 1

KitTest 2

Updated Edit 09/12/14