Vortogaphy experiments from others

Whilst doing my research on vorticism and vortographs I have found so photographers who have done some vortograph experiements. The images below were taken and created by a photographer and printmaker called Wilson Hurst. I like his photographs because they resemble Alvin Langdon Coburn, and it is interesting to look at a modern version of them in colour. Also this looks like the kalaedescope look/effect was done during production as opposed to post production like Kawahara Kazuhiko’s work

Another person I found is a blogger and amateur photographer who just goes by their blog name of Canoe Communications. What I like about this work is that they have experimented with nature and vortographs. I have been thinking about nature inspired photography but had been having trouble visualising how it would work and what it would look like. Therefore looking at this person’s work has provided inspiration. You can also see the pictorialist/Alfred Stieglitz inspirationin some of the images.

The third person that I looked at is Tess Wyatt who took some vortographs by creating a kaleidoscope made out of styrene glass. They took pictures of flowers, crotchet and other things that they were interested in. Looking at these there photographers works has made me start to think about whether I’d want to create my vortographs post production or during production. And if I was to do it during production which materials who I need to make my own ‘vortoscope’ and how I would take the photographs.

These three examples that I have looked at has helped me realise that vortographs don’t strictly have to look the same and so industrial like some of Coburn’s vortographs.