Wyndham Lewis

A painter and write who was a co-founder of the vorticism movement. His paintings were like short stories which had a mechanistic view of human social behaviour, which was evident in the deliberately clumsy and grotesque figures in his art. When he started producing geometrical and semi-abstract art based on machine and architectural forms, he became obsessed with politics and it’s implications on art. Lewis served in the British Army during the First World War. Due to his experiences in the army, Lewis changed his view on art and the machine age. He told a friend that Vorticism  was “a little narrow segment of time, on the far side of World War I. That first war, you have to regard, as far as I am concerned, as a black solid mass, cutting off all that went before it”.




Filip Dujardin

Filip Dujardin is a photographer from Belgium who specialises in architectural photography. He takes photographs of contemporary buildings and turns them into non existent and impossible buildings. This in my opinion makes his work mesmerizing, bizarre and interesting to look at. He creates his images by creating a model on the on a computer (he uses Google SketchUp and photoshop) or with cardboard and then he goes out to find suitable buildings.

Most of the work that I have looked at so far has been heavily architectural based, I am not yet sure weather that is the direction I want photographs to go in. I think it would be interesting to present nature or landscape photography in this style. Kawahara Kazuhiko (see previous post) has done a project where he has started to do something with nature but he also incorporates buildings in those images as well.