As mentioned in the previous post, I have edited a few more photos. I have decided to post all of the pictures that I have edited just to see whether they all look like they have the same theme and they look like they are part of one project. The last few photos that I have edited I have noticed that they look more abstract than some of the others that I have done. When I started this project I had the intention of making some of the photos look more ambiguous than others, but when I started editing I didn’t really have a clear plan on which photos they were going to be. I noticed that I would start out with a plan or an image in mind of what I  want the final image to look like, but as I kept on layering  and editing a photo it would turn into something completely different to what I had imagined. So now, especially with the last few pictures I would just come up with the starting point and just seeing where the process will take me. Below are the images that I have created. The first three photos are the ones that I have been working on recently.



On Thursday I went out and took some pictures of the Bearpit, I also took some more photos of the Hippodrome because I didn’t really the way the previous pictures I took of it looked and I felt like it looked even horrible when I edited it. The new photos that I took of the Hippodrome were taken in the evening so the Hippodrome sign was lit up and it could be seen more clearly. I will be posting all of the photos I have edited. In the last few days I have managed to edit a pictures of the Suspension bridge, Hippodrome, and The Bearpit. Below are the unedited versions of the photos that I took.

More edits

I have done some more editing this week. Its going well-ish. I have decided to go with the style of layering the images to create patterns. Below are the pictures I have been working on. Some I’m liking more than others. I have found it a bit challenging coming up with  different pattern/idea for each picture because I don’t want all of them to look the same. I am planning to go out and take some pictures of Nelson street and Bearpit tomorrow then I think I will be done with taking photos. I have been speaking to Charli about her project and she says that she needs to take more photos as well and she is planning on doing hers this week. She has discussed with me about how she is going to present her photos, this has prompted me to start thinking about how I am going to present mine. I don’t think/don’t know if I want to print them or present them online…

Editing process

I have started editing some of the pictures that I took. Below are the images that I have started editing so far. These are just rough edits to test out what my overall project is going to look like and so far I quite like the look of these. I am going to carry on editing some more images and posting them on here.

First Photoshoot

Yesterday I went on a little adventure around Bristol and took some photos. It went much better than I initially expected because at first I was really nervous about walking around taking pictures and getting strange looks I might get. But it actually wasn’t that bad. I managed to take A LOT of pictures I didn’t realise how much I had taken until today when I imported them onto my laptop. Better to have a lot more than less I guess. Some of them I really like and they came out well. Some places I am obviously going to revisit to get better pictures and different angles. I didn’t get a lot of pictures of Cabot Circus cause by the time I got there I was super tired so I thought I’d better save those for another day. Fortunately I didn’t face many challenges yesterday. From doing this shoot I started notice little details, buildings that I had never noticed were there before in places I walk past on a regular basis. Some of the photos that I took will be uploaded shortly after I have converted them into JPEGs. The next step for me is to review the pictures I have and set up another day to visit and re-visit the locations I didn’t get to yesterday.

Colston Hall

The Colston Hall Company had a vision of building a concert hall in the city so they bought the land from Colston Boy’s School. It opened in 1867. In 1889 a fire broke out and Colston Hall was closed then reopened in 1901. The second Hall was bought from the Colston Hall Company by Bristol Corporation for £65,000 and was managed by the City Council until 2011. The site has been occupied by four buildings named Colston Hall since the 1860s. The location also once held a Tudor era mansion known as the Great House, which was use by Queen Elizabeth I in 1574 on a visit to the city.

Due to significant fires details of early performances at the Colston Hall are limited. The Royal College of Music  holds an archive from 1896 onwards which references a triennial musical festival founded in 1873 as well as performances from the Bristol Symphony Orchestra. In the 1920s composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff performed. Today the venue has played host to a variety of acts from musicians to comedians as well as theatrical productions.

There has been controversy over the hall’s name because of Edward Colston’s link to the slave trade, with much of his wealth coming from the slave trade. Artists such as Massive Attack have vowed to never play at the venue until its name has changed. And there have been campaigners who have called for its name to be changed.


History of the Hall